Freelance Services

I love reading great books! And I am in awe of writers, those extraordinary people who can write a book--putting together just the right words to tell a story or provide life-changing inspiration. 

After twenty-five years in publishing, I want to use my skills to bring out the best in you as a writer. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, the best way to engage the heart of the reader is through story. 

Strong imagery. Great characters. Clear and concise writing . Quality Editing.

As a freelance writing coach and editor, it is my goal to make your book the best it can be.  

Story Development

Whether you are a plotter or pantster (writing off the top of your head), you can save a lot of time and frustration by doing a little planning and preparation before starting to tell your story. Without stifling future creativity, we will develop a road map for plot, character development, and organization.

Manuscript Evaluation

The manuscript evaluation is the "first-read" of your fiction or non-fiction project to determine its marketability. I will read your entire manuscript and provide general feedback on next steps. I will also critique plot, themes, and character development. If the next step for us is a developmental/content edit, that fee will be included in a negotiated overall flat rate.

Developmental/Content Edit

A developmental/content edit is a detailed look at the entire manuscript, considering plot, characters, timeline, setting, and theme.  I will make recommendations regarding organization, gaps, character motivation, and consistency in voice, among other things. I will provide a five-to-six page summary report that will highlight action steps. I will also return the manuscript with specific comments and recommendations written within the text via "Comments" and "Tracking." You will know exactly where I have concerns with the writing.  We will follow up with a phone consultation to clarify your questions. Following your revisions, I will do a final read and short critique. 

Note: While some wording and grammar will be corrected, this review does not replace copy editing or proof reading. 

Contest Critique

You have to get and keep the attention of a judge with just the first few pages of your manuscript to make it stand out in a contest.  I will review your synopsis and first three chapters in preparation for contest entries.

The services I offer are listed above, but I will always start with a phone conversation to determine a clear set of expectations. Cost will be determined by word count and depth of edit. We will discuss this during our phone call.  All payments are to be made via PayPal.   Click the "Contact" tab to set up an appointment.